Sunday, August 14, 2011

Work Crew!

This week, I've been at young life camp as one of the Work Crew Bosses. The week has been INCREDIBLE and has gone so smoothly. The Work Crew has been phenomenal and we have seen God do big things in the lives of the Wyldlife and Young Life kids.

A few highlights of the week from the Work Crew-

Sarah: Learned that having your quiet time in the morning in the most important thing to get you through the day, she also said that she learned how important prayer is to get you through the day.

Laura & Jake: Were incredibly bold and shared their testimonies in front of all the campers and Laura lead the Work Crew with her guitar, playing for the first time publicly!

Hannah: Said that for one of the first times she experienced a real community of believers, being brothers and sisters and working together.

This week the Work Crew dug deep into the word and I was constantly hearing them apply what we were studying to situations throughout the day. People were stretched and united.

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