Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye forever! See you at my new Website!

Well blogger friends,

A very gracious friend saw this sorry excuse for a website and decided to make me a nice fancy one for my fundraising and Young Life in the UK. Please check it out!

My new address is: elisebernius.co.uk (I know, so official right?)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Staff Training Update- Better Late than never!

In January, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks with 300 First Year Staff Associates (about 10 International Staff like myself) for training in St. Augustine, Florida. This time was incredible for so many reasons. Firstly, it was a great time to learn about how I can be better in ministry and serving British teenagers and YL volunteers. The training included taking a theology class and an Introduction Youth Ministry, and relating this to the mission of Young Life and sharing the gospel in this ministry. The classes were so helpful and I feel like they have been instrumental in preparing me and motivating me to continue with the fundraising. I feel like even nearly a month later, I am still processing all that I have learned from the experience. Although I loved the training, my favorite part of New Staff was meeting and sharing time and experiences with the other people who are raising support for International Young Life Staff. I loved sharing stories and enjoying the support we have in each other. So many times in fundraising, it’s easy to feel alone and discouraged, but being at New Staff gave me 10 contacts who are going through the same process as me and have been great at being supportive! Overall, the experience at New Staff was great and has gotten me really motivated to continue fundraising!