Friday, September 24, 2010

Milano is fashion

We spotted a fashion show in preparation. This is the point when I finally broke down and went shopping. Don't judge me. Everyone here looks like J. Crew models.

Land of the Swiss

The sandwich I'm eating cost 11 Swiss franks. Cheese ain't the only thing the Swiss put holes in.

Waving a happy goodbye to the Swiss Alps

Train ride to italy after our fun filled day in Geneva.

I am Hamsterdam- part 1

We really shouldn't be allowed to travel on our own.

I am Hamsterdam- part two

Listen carefully.

Amsterdam isn't as laid-back as you might think.

There will be pictures to follow of us making the sign say hamsterdam.

A little piece of home.

This act really made me homesick, even though it was legitimately terrifying.

Look under there! Underwear?

Yes, this is the second video on my vlog that has guys in there underpants. That's the wonder of Europe though. Plus these were literally the best street performers I've seen in all my days.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

O the joys of hostel life

This, my friend, is hostel life. 3 am. Random drunk snorer. Everyone either in hysterics or extremely angry. Take or leave it, I love it.

Sunday afternoon in Brugge- epic.

We stumbled upon this free symphony on our way to see "Madonna with Child"... Daniel took advantage of the living soundtrack.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A cover to the old classic...

I am actually embarrassed to say that this moment was not planned. Daniel just caught me singing loudly. For this reason, I donate this video to both jackie Newman (a devoted follower) and Justin Matthews.

Short stop on the Belgium bike tour.

We took a bike ride to the medieval town of Damme just in time to catch some bells in the town center.

Breaking rules in Brugge- part UNO

We decided to do everything on this tourist map in Brugge. Sneaking into the crowne plaza was included.

Breaking laws in Brugge- part DOS.

I mean. There's a cave in the basement of a hotel for crying out loud!

A hidden treasure from the shores of Ireland.

I just found this little beaut on the camera role. Don't be confused my friend, (or mom, or ex roommate) we went to dublin about a month ago.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Krunk in Krakow... Poland that is.

Taking a trip to Wawel castle to kill time before my Polish dentist appointment. Never thought I'd get to say that.

Praha > All Other Places

We loved prague so much we didn't really think about making videos. This is our sad attempt at covering that up.

An old bombed out church- Berlin.

Notice how good my hair looks on this day. Shout out to Sina's straightener.

Berlin wall

We searched for this for along time, so you better enjoy this mom.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Hills are alive, with the sound of music.

We went to Salzburg, Austria and then we went on the Sound of Music Tour. I am peed my pants up to 39 times.

Bavarian/Austrian countryside

There's not much to say.... We are on a train to AUSTRIA. It's beautiful.

Race you to the top!!! (Munich)

The best part is that right after this happened, about 58 people came down the stairs behind me and clapped.

Just taking my time...

Don't make me hurry!

Run for your life!

The ole BMW museum.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A day in the English Gardens

Sadly, this very German day reminded me of Dollywood's festival of Nations. My mom will be glad to know it's the same.

Our first Munich adventure

A really interesting and super intelligent monologue.