Thursday, August 4, 2011

eggplant = aubergine

I know...I know, I haven't been too hot about blogging. I promised once a week and it's been about 3 since my last update. So, basically buckle up,this one is gonna be long.

I can't believe I've been in Hoddesdon a month! Already a third of my time is gone. It's gone by really fast but still I feel like it's been longer somehow. Going back to Knoxville is going to be hard as I love living here already. Hopefully it will be temporary and I will be back here as soon as possible. What God has in store is going to be incredible. down to details & highlights.

A few weeks ago, we had ice cream olympics, which was as usual a cold mess of emotion & sticky. The young lifers where excited and full on energy; the leaders on the other hand, terrified of the potential of the evening. It was fantastic.

Shortly after that event, me, Rich & Elaine (fellow YL staffers) and a whole minibus filled with teens went to volunteer at a Christian conference called New WIne for about 10 days. This involved England. I was a little nervous but the weather was great!- thankfully. In the morning, all of us watched babies and toddlers, which was great fun. We then had the afternoons off to hang out (or let's be real, nap) and in the evenings we went to worship events. It was really encouraging to see a group of English teenagers interested in God and pursuing a walk with Him.

After New Wine, its been a week back in the Office to finish plans for camp in t-minus 5 days. I can't believe it's already been a year since the last camp- and what a crazo year. Last year I was backpacking Europe and stopping to be on Work Crew for a week and now, I'm Work Crew Boss and planning on moving to Europe permanently. Makes me pregnant with emotion, really.

Alrighty, managed to keep that shortish, yet informative.

In case anyone is wondering, Sam is coming in 2 weeks to see me. It's going to be love reunited at last. What she doesn't know if that I'm going to kidnap her and force her to live under my bed until the Lees notice how quickly the food is disappearing. Might be awkward when no one pays the rent until October though.

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  1. Maybe I could finish the condo while ya'll are goofing off in Europe! LOL, that'll probably never happen(on my end) still waiting on Uncle Fritz....