Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'll Say A Little Prayer for You...

After a few weeks of Fundraising, I feel like God has already started to teach me so much. He has revealed both newfound confidence and insecurities and has released an array of emotion. Mostly though, I have learned so much about how important it is to PRAY during this season in my life. I will attest that spending time talking to God and focusing on WHY I am doing what I am doing, is vital to success in fundraising.

I'm so stinking excited about continuing forward, for however long (yikes!) God wants me to be on this adventure and of course I'm excited that every day fundraising gets me one day closer to living in Hoddesdon- my love and desire to be in England grows stronger all the time.

Please pray that these first months of raising support are filled with people around me, as many people tend to feel lonely during it. Also, pray that I keep focused on my vision, even when contacts are running short and things seem discouraging. God is so good and I feel so incredibly privileged that He has such a fantastic future ahead for me.

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